Our Vision

Our desire is to bring living water, the water of life wherever the Lord sends us and to continue to dig wells with clean water to those who are now traveling many kilometers for a bucket of water. Our vision is to evangelize, to set up conferences and to do as much as possible to change the lives of those in Africa towards the better.

How can we achieve this vision?

By sponsoring children to go to school. These children can be taught spiritually and academically so that they can then change the lives of those in their country and teach others of God’s way. Discipleship, spiritual growth, evangelism, leadership. By making medical centers and medicine available for the sick. There is a lack of medical staff and there are no nearby hospitals. Our goal is to make these investments so that they have the means to sustain themselves.

By building houses and making basic needs available. The need food, clothing and mattresses, as they are currently sleeping on the ground. We are also looking to make a center to fit more missionaries. They need a place to stay so that they can fully engage in helping the people grow spiritually as well as helping with what is necessary. We would like to enhance their lives by developing irrigation and solar systems, by planting fruit trees and making gardens.

Mission Overview
Our Strategies

The most efficient methods of helping are as follows:

1) To raise funds to build wells

2) To go there at least twice a year to evangelize and help with current projects

3) To send missionaries that are willing to stay short or long term

4) To meet with the country’s prime minister and to involve the government in helping with certain spiritual projects and material needs

5) To be an influence through the physical act of love of Jesus

We would love the involvement of as many people as possible in these missionary projects through prayer, giving and mission.